Imagined Lines (thread)


Imagined Lines (thread)

This work investigates the ‘extension’ of drawing and line. There are elements of drawing, and at times doodling, creating graphite line, tone and marks, together with the more sculptural acts of throwing and wrapping. The wire and thread have become my pen and pencil with three-dimensional space, my paper.

Exhibited at Banbury Museum (2012) and Hemingway Art, Oxford (2012)

Retrospectively, this work has become part of a wider body of work Imagined Lines, some of which were shown at The Language of Line exhibition.

Imagined Lines

A series of works from pen on paper drawings to three-dimensional works in copper wire, and thread and wire, are united by a process of repetition and an exploration of our instinctive readings of abstract line. Together they form a series of works, Imagined Lines.

A fascination with imagined lines can also be seen in works such as Groundlines, journeys created following tracks and lines in the landscape.