Imagined Lines (copper)


This copper wire installation grew out of a series of pen and paper drawings, Imagined Lines.

The process of exploring our instinctive readings of abstract line and the extension of line in drawing led to the lines jumping off the page into a ‘drawing sculpture’. As with the pen on paper drawings, a repetitive process, in this case, twisting and connecting short strands of copper wire, raises the question of how we interpret an artwork semiotically, linguistically or culturally.

This work was exhibited at The Language of Line (2017) as an installation approx 4m x 4m x 4m (due to it being surrounded by glass windows, it was impossible to get an image of it all as it became semi-invisible from a distance). A thread and wire drawing, created some years previously, echoes this work in copper wire and has retrospectively been grouped into this series of Imagined Lines.

Imagined Lines

A series of works from pen on paper drawings to three-dimensional works in copper wire, and thread and wire, are united by a process of repetition and an exploration ofour instinctive readings of abstract line. Together they form a series of works, Imagined Lines.

A fascination with imagined lines can also be seen in works such as Groundlines, journeys created following tracks and lines in the landscape.